Integrated Creative Director / Art Director

“I’ve been in the business for 43 years. I’ve worked with the near greats, the greats, the really greats, and people who think they’re great. Adam is in the early stages of really great. Maybe the middle stages. Grab him while you can.”

Neil Leinwohl, supervised Adam at Korey Kay & Partners as Executive Creative Director

“I’ve worked with Adam since 2006, first at Publicis NYC then Korey Kay and currently on several projects at M5 in Canada.He’s the smartest, quickest person you could hope to work with. He grasps the central issue in any brief instinctively, and immediately thinks in terms of practical solutions. Being innovative comes naturally to Adam, partly because he can unwrap the specific problem at hand for the specific needs of the client. As a result, his work is frequently brilliant and always effective.

Adam is fluent across all media and is a damn fine writer as well as an art director. He knows how to be a good creative partner and can also get things done by himself. Over the last few years he has become thoughtful and inspiring manager.

He believes in what he does and avoids bullshit and politics at all costs. Colleagues and clients warm to his integrity and intelligence. Adam is also a passionate and persuasive presenter of work.

After reading this far, you might be thinking that this reference letter is some kind of puff piece. It isn’t. Everything I’ve written is true. Speak to anyone he’s worked with. Adam does have his faults. Such as the fact he has under-achieved in his career so far. Adam is better than most of the great work you see on his website.I think he has yet to find the agency that can fulfil exploit his potential. If your company can do this and help Adam take things to the next level, you’ll be richly rewarded. He’s ready to head into the creative stratosphere.”

Kristian Sumners, worked with Adam at Publicis Dialog, Korey Kay, and M5
as Creative Director, Creative Director, and Executive Creative Director

“Adam is a passionate ad man. He takes great pride in his craft and no matter what project he is put on, he will see it through until the end and won’t settle for ‘ok’ ideas. They all have to be ‘great’ ones. Adam is a pleasure to be around and to work with. He is the kind of person you would want to work with 8 hours and day and then grab a drink with after work as well.”

Alex Manosalvas, worked indirectly for Adam at , Publicis Dialog
as Art Director

“Adam’s work speaks for itself. But only when you work with him directly do you understand how savvy his business sense is. He gets inside the head of a client to understand what they want and how best to present work to them.

We talk a lot about selling to our end customers. But the public never sees our work unless we first sell it to our clients. Adam understands how to do that.”

Jason Knapp, worked directly with Adam at Publicis Dialog as
Associate Creative Director, Publicis Dialog

“Here’s a guy who can truly, without a doubt, wear the Creative badge proudly (or humbly which is more likely in his case). During the 5 years we worked side-by-side at Publicis, Adam brought fresh ideas to the table every single time. That impressed me considering we were actually leading different disciplines, he was (supposed to be) a traditional kind of guy while I was part of the digital crowd. That discrepancy never stopped the outpouring of good, insightful ideas coming from Adam.

There are some of us who will produce ideas on a need-to basis through process and trial, while others will come up with them spontaneously but mostly at the wrong time. Few people however have the ability to be both, creative on demand and helplessly inventive.

Adam is simply unable to go through a day without spilling out some brilliant concept, even if only tangible on a different planet.”

Renato Castilho, worked with Adam at Publicis Dialog NY as
Creative Director, Interactive

“Adam Springer gave me my first major gig out of portfolio school, and frankly, I couldn’t have been luckier.

As a boss, Adam is a hardworking, mellow dude who pushes and expects the best out of his team. He is also very open to my ideas, and his guiding eye helped turn marketing thoughts into executed pieces and campaigns for our clients – especially in the digital sphere. Adam’s grasp of online advertising is holistic and truly 360, and I learned more in a few months than I did during school.

Adam also trusts in the people he works for. When I came to him with a plan to re-do our client’s web site due to user experience issues, he helped me champion it to the client – even though we weren’t asked to. By improving the UX, we helped drive more successful sign-ups of the service.

All in all, Adam is a great addition to any team, and a solid creative director to work for. I look forward to working with Adam as a freelancer many times in the coming years.”

Dillon Font, reported to Adam at Korey Kay & Partners as
Digital Copywriter, Freelance

“Adam is a rare creative talent who is a jack of all trades. He’s a great creative director who knows how to delegate work to his team and make good concepts great. Adam is also an amazing art director who can create smart, conceptual work on his own and in record-breaking time. He’s passionate about advertising and it shows in his work. Every agency needs an Adam Springer in their creative department.”

Rob Ho, reported to Adam at Publicis Dialog as
Freelance copywriter